About Company

REDMINING LTD is an official company registered in United Kingdom. The company number is 11848505. It is located at 31 Mallory Road Norton, Stockton, United Kingdom, TS20 1TJ.
Our team is engaged in the mining of altcoins. The company designs and installs the mining equipment and trades by mined altcoins on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

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What we do?

According to the data of website coinmarketcap.com now there are about 2100 different altcoins in the world. About 60% of these altcoins are possible to mine. The remaining 40% are tokens of various cryptocurrency startups sold during the ICO. They are not available for mining.

Such a large variety of altcoins gives the great advantages for mining. Miners have a big choice of cryptocurrencies that they can mine. At the same time, such variety creates the certain problems for miners. They do not know what cryptocurrencies they should choose for mining.

The correct choice of the necessary cryptocurrencies depends on whether the miner will get a profit or he will have the losses. Now in mining of cryptocurrencies there is a huge competition. Especially high competition is among the miners of Bitcoin. At the same time, many altcoins are still poorly marked by miners. The mining of altcoins is the most profitable.

However, the majority of altcoins are extremely volatile in price. And if today the mining of altcoin is very profitable, tomorrow the price of altcoin can drop down and mining will not be profitable.

REDMINING LTD creates the special software that allows to monitor in real time all altcoins available for mining and quickly sell mined altcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The funds received from the investment will be used to create the software, as well as to purchase the necessary equipment to create the individual mining farms. The created equipment will allow to mine the different cryptocurrencies at the same time, to monitor their profitability and quickly sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges to get the maximum profit.

The mining equipment created by individual order will automatically monitor the profitability of mining of cryptocurrency and automatically switch to the mining of those cryptocurrencies that can bring the greatest income to the miner. This will allow to mine only those cryptocurrencies, which are the most profitable to mine and receive the greatest profit.